UNA-Armenia's R2P Activities

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R2P Project Coordinator addressing Yerevan State University
R2P Project Coordinator addressing Yerevan State University



UNA-Armenia reaching out to media: Discussing R2P with Journalists

WFUNA R2P program mentioned in the news in Armenia as partner UNA-Armenia holds a roundtable discussion for journalists on R2P.

UNA-Armenia wants to hear what YOUth think on R2P?

UNA-Armenia announced an R2P Debate Competition amongst 4 key universities in Armenia to foster more awareness on mass atrocity prevention. 

Civil society joins forces in Armenia to raise awareness on R2P

On November 7 2011, representatives from different NGOs gathered to discuss R2P with UNA-Armenia and brainstorm future cooperation to raise awareness amongst civil society. 

UNA-Armenia launches a blog on R2P

UNA-Armenia, as part of WFUNA's project "The Responsibility to Protect: Mobilising Public and Political Will", has launched a blog to provide information on R2P as well as use as an avenue to discuss some of the current debates surrounding the norm. The blog will be published in both English and Armenian. For your voice to be heard make sure to check out the blog and post a comment. 

UNA-Armenia lectures at Yerevan State University

On September 29th, UNA-Armenia's Responsibility to Protect Project Coordinator guest lectured at Yerevan State University. Over 30 students taking the class "Peace Culture", part of a Master program at the University, heard about R2P and the importance of the norm. The lecture generated healthy discussion and sparked debates surrounding the norm. UNA-Armenia will be presenting their introductory R2P lecture to at least 3 more Universities in the coming months.  

Building the capacity of youth in Armenia to prevent mass atrocities

In August, UNA-Armenia (AUNA) recruited 15 youngsters from the Armenian UN Association Youth Division Network to participate in training on the Responsibility to Protect. Among the participants were future lawyers, political scientists, economists and diplomats interested and keen to learn more. AUNA’s Project Coordinator welcomed all the participants, encouraging them to take a leading role in promoting the R2P as future leaders of Armenia.

The training began by introducing WFUNA, AUNA and by explaining how youth could be involved in implementing R2P through WFUNA and AUNA's project “Responsibility to protect (R2P): Mobilizing Public and Political Will”. The head of AUNA Youth Division, who was trained by WFUNA, provided participants with an overview of R2P to gain a better understanding of its historical importance. The training, modeled to be interactive, included power point presentations on the norm as well as organized debates. The debate whereby groups argued for or against the norm was a particular favorite amongst the participants.

AUNA received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Youth Division with many participants requesting further discussion and debates on R2P and its surrounding issues in the future.

See UNA-Armenia in action with more pictures here

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