WFUNA and Model United Nations

The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is a global nonprofit organization representing and coordinating a membership of over 100 national United Nations Associations.
2018 WIMUN Conference at UN Headquarters, New York
2018 WIMUN Conference at UN Headquarters, New York

Background of WFUNA and MUN

In an effort to promote UN values and educate young people about the UN, WFUNA organized its first regional MUN conferences in three regions:

  • Africa
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America-Caribbean.

Three WFUNA Asia and Pacific Regional Model UN conferences were held in Beijing, China (August 2004), New Delhi, India (February 2006) and Incheon, Republic of Korea (July 2008). One WFUNA Africa Regional Model UN conference took place in Stellenbosch, South Africa in September 2005.

These conferences were organized by the WFUNA Secretariat in partnership with the local UNA and were based on the theme of the Millennium Development Goals. The 300-350 participants attending each conference came from different countries across the region, and were trained and supported by their local UNAs.

WFUNA has also actively participated in different Model United Nations programs developing a partnership with UNDPI (GMUN Global Model United Nations in Geneva, Kuala Lumpur, and Incheon).

WFUNA International Model United Nations (WIMUN)

With a strong determination to engage civil society with the work of the United Nations, WFUNA has hosted a series of Model United Nations Conferences in New York, Brazil, and India. Since the inaugural WIMUN conference, hosted in 2014 at FAO headquarters in Italy, WIMUN conferences have grown in participation and continue to expand to new locations.

WIMUN continues to offer the most accurate simulation of the United Nations in the world which attracts thousands of participants from over 85 nationalities. The next conferences in Brazil and New York are expected to welcome even more delegates to form incredibly diverse delegations.


What is our goal?

  • Determined to promote the values of the United Nations and provide education to young people within the UN framework, WFUNA will host annual international Model UN conferences in several regions.

Why do we want this?

  • Model United Nations conferences prove to be one of the most successful instruments for engaging and educating youth about the work begin conducted at the United Nations.
  • Encourage youth participants to contribute to the the dialogue taking place at their local governments, civil society, and the UN.
  • Equip students with a core set of skills that are fundamental to becoming effective social activists, responsible leaders and creative visionaries.

How will we contribute?

  • Providing participants with an accurate version of UN conference processes and General Assembly Rules of Procedures.
  • Developing programmatic content to ensure a comprehensive experience for participants, trainers, and advisors.
  • Ensuring a strong networking opportunity to build relationships and provide follow-up opportunities for all participants.

Three-phase process

  • Learning: Builds the capacity of Model UN organizers to develop and host programs with a more accurate simulation of UN rules and procedures.
  • Participating: Emphasizes education and action by beginning with an intensive Model UN workshop, then progressing through an actual conference.
  • Networking: After the conclusion of the program, participants will be connected with programs offered by local UNAs and continue to build a strong civil society network.

Who is this for?

  • Youth between the age of 14 and 30, or recent graduates who have experience in Model UN or have a strong interest in the United Nations and global affairs.
  • Advisors who have a role in planning and organizing MUN conferences.
  • Teachers who use Model UN in their education curriculum.

WFUNA's Guide to Model United Nations 

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