Overview of successful HR Youth projects

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Overview of successful projects

implemented by Youth UNA members from all over the world


Projects 2015

Follow the current 2015 HR Youth project implementation here:

Results and follow up 2015


Projects 2014


Projects 2013


Projects 2012


Projects 2011


Domestic Violence   

HR Youth 2014

UNA: UNA Mauritius
Head of the project: Naazish Sakauloo
Audience target: Youth, women
Nr. of beneficiaries: 530 young people
Implementation level: local & national
Current status: ongoing

In the framework of women’s rights and gender equality Naazish Sakauloo has created workshops for young students focusing on the prevention and the report of domestic violence. Her project aims at empowering youth and has been very successful in 2015. She already reached out to around 530 students, who enrolled for a semester of workshops and will continue to scale up her project.



Empowering civil society - UPR mechanism

HR Youth 2014

UNA: UNA South Africa
Head of the project: Ashley Van Heerden 
Audience target: South African civil society   
Nr. of beneficiaries: 150 beneficiaries, around 500 future beneficiaries
Implementation level: national
Current status: ongoing

After the Youth human rights training in 2014, Ashley Van Heerden launched a three-year-long project aiming at empowering South African civil society. She organizes workshops on the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review with the goal to involve the civil society in the preparation of South Africa’s UPR. Currently Ashley has already trained 150 people and by the end of her project she will have reached out to more than 500 participants at nine different universities.

A special aspect of Ashley’s project is that she also encourages her workshop participants to start their own human right workshop in their communities. Some of her participants have taken up that challenge and thus further expanded the project’s diffusion rate.



Involvement of Youth in human rights

HR Youth 2013

UNA: UNA Uganda
Head of the project: Linda Asaba Awebwa
Target audience: Youth
Nr. of beneficiaries: 511 young people
Implementation level: national
Current Status: completed

After the Youth Human Rights Training in 2013, Linda Asaba Awebwa carried out workshops in different UNA-Uganda partner universities and high schools aiming at creating avenues for youth involvement in human rights. By the end of the year, Linda and her team had reached out to 511 participants. Having fully implemented her project, Linda now aims at ensuring that both high schools and universities carry out at least one human rights activity or one interactive dialogue every semester and thus continues her work on strengthening human rights in Uganda.



Knowledge on peace, security and human rights

HR Youth 2013

UNA: UNA Tanzania
Head of the project: Claris Tabeth 
Target audience: Youth, Barbaigs Nomad Community
Nr. of beneficiaries: 600 young people and indirectly about 6000 people
Implementation level: local & national 
Current status: completed

Ibrahim Bakari Mwneda has implemented a project aiming at stimulating the Barbaigs Nomad community in Tanzania to engage and actively take part in the planning and formulation of programs against land grabbing and expropriation. These issues are strongly affecting this particular community and Ibrahim has also launched special radio programs dedicated to promote human rights knowledge in Tanzania.



Discrimination against migrants and minorities

HR Youth 2012

UNA: UNA Denmark
Heads of the project: Simone Gundtoft and Mikkel Lindberg Laursen
Target audience: Children at primary school level
Nr. of beneficiaries: 175 children
Implementation level: local 
Current Status: completed

Mikkel and Simone from UNA Denmark introduced a successful series of interactive lectures on discrimination against migrants and minorities in Denmark. Implemented at the primary school level, Mikkel and Simone aimed at sensitizing children at a young age about fundamental human rights and to make them aware of issues particularly related to migrants and minorities. Through their project they reached out to 157 children.



UN human rights mechanisms

HR Youth 2012

UNA: UNA Sri Lanka
Head of project: Kithmina Hewage
Target audience: Students
Nr. of beneficiaries: 180 young people
Implementation level: national 
Current status: completed

With 25 schools participating at Kithmina’s project on gaining an in-depth understanding about the UN human right mechanisms, she has reached out to around 180 young people. Not only has she enhanced the youth’s knowledge through workshops but she has also strengthened the relationship between the UNA Sri Lanka and the schools.



Human Rights Awareness Run

HR Youth 2011

UNA: UNA South Africa
Head of the Project: Lisa Rothkegel
Target audience: South African population
Nr. of beneficiaries: 95 people
Implementation level: local
Current status: completed

On the 21st March 2012, the South African Human Rights Day, the Human Rights Awareness Run started.
Organized by Lisa from UNA South Africa 95 people participated in the run in order to raise awareness about human rights (and do some sports).


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