Youth Advisory Council Elections

The World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) is a global nonprofit organization representing and coordinating a membership of over 100 national United Nations Associations.
WFUNA Youth Advisory Council elected during the 2nd WFUNA Global Youth Forum
WFUNA Youth Advisory Council elected during the 2nd WFUNA Global Youth Forum

WFUNA Youth Advisory Council

During the Global Youth Forum, the Youth Advisory Council will be elected by youth delegates attending the Plenary Assembly to serve a three-year term. WFUNA's Youth Advisory Council is comprised of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 youth leaders from various regions around the world with the objective of advising the Secretary-General on youth issues, by brainstorming pragmatic, innovative, and cost-effective programs for WFUNA's local, regional, and global networks. The Youth Program Associate and the Youth Advisory Council are in charge of disseminating information about these programs to WFUNA's youth constituents.

Responsibilities of the WFUNA Youth Advisory Council

  • Advise the Secretary-General on youth initiatives
  • Foster youth involvement among United Nations Associations and United Nations Youth Associations
  • Part of WFUNA's initiative to establish a long term structure for a more sustainable youth framework
  • Work with WFUNA's mission of developing youth programs that build the capacity of its global membership and work to strengthen and improve the work of the United Nations

Position Description

  • Find more information here.

Nominations and Elections Rules

  • Only candidates nominated by the leadership of their affiliated UNA will be considered for elections.
  • Only one candidate per UNA can be nominated.
  • Candidates must fill out the online candidacy form.
  • Candidates must include a short bio and picture to be uploaded on our website after the complete application is received.
  • Candidates are encouraged to record a 2-3 minutes video introducing themselves and the work they have done with their affiliated UNA or UNYA. They should also mention why they want to be part of the WFUNA Youth Advisory Council. Although recording a video is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. The video will be uploaded on our website.
  • Candidates do not necessarily have to be present at the Global Youth Forum to be considered for elections.
  • At the moment of elections, only one vote per UNA present at the Global Youth Forum will be permitted.

Nominations and Elections Timeline

  • Nominations open on 18th October, 2015
  • Nominations close on 18th November, 2015
  • Elections take place on 21th November, 2015


Candidates for the WFUNA Youth Advisory Council (2015-2018)

*The website will be updated continuously after complete applications are received.


Linda Asaba - UNA Uganda

Linda Asaba joined the United Nations Association of Uganda (UNAU) during her time at the Mbarara University of Science and Technology in 2008. Because of her hard work and impressive track record, she was called to volunteer at the UNAU Secretariat in Kampala after the completion of her University program. Linda has been at the UNAU Secretariat since 2011. She has exhibited a high level of hard work determination, zeal and most importantly interest in the issues that UNAU focuses on.

Ms. Asaba has coordinated the school service program over the years. This is a program that looks at secondary schools in Uganda being able to participate in UNAU activities and also to extend the knowledge about UNAU and UN ideals. She has also coordinated several MUN conferences from 2011 to 2014. Linda is also Program Officer for UNAU. She has participated in several WFUNA trainings such as the "Human Rights Training: So, You Want to be the next Human Rights High Commissioner?" where she won the award for "Best Project Implemented" in 2013. She was also the National Coordinator for the "Freedom from Violence" project in 2014.

Linda likes traveling and meeting new people since she believes that it is possible to learn more from people more than from papers. She is active in several associations and coordinated well with the media. She has also done coordination activities for a number of organizations such as World Vision, Uganda Health Communication Alliance, Uganda Coalition on Nutrition among others. Outside her work and profession she enjoys traveling, watching documentaries and movies, mountain climbing and browsing the internet.

Mcleo Mapfumo - UNA Zimbabwe

Mcleo Mapfumo has currently finished a course on Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response and is the Youth President of Zimbabwe United Nations Association, and also a Youth Representative in the UN Major Group for Children and Youth {UN MGCY} for Humanitarian Affairs. He was trained by the World Federation of United Nations Associations in 2014, in Human Rights and Project Management, where he then initiated a Universal Periodic Review for Zimbabwe and the role that Civil Society can play. Mcleo Mapfumo is part of the WFUNA Youth Network and also a representative to the UN DPI/NGO Cluster for Youth. He is a Human Rights Activist and the Post-2015 Development Agenda Youth Advocate.

Mcleo Mapfumo has been an active volunteer in Zimbabwe, which has seen him representing UNA-Zimbabwe, the WFUNA Youth Network and Zimbabwe in many platforms internationally including the Doha Youth Declaration on Reshaping the Humanitarian Framework (September 2015), Global Humanitarian Consultation in Geneva, Switzerland (October 2015). This passion has seen him trying to advocate for policy reformulation in Zimbabwe and how to mainstream these relevant issues.

Mcleo Mapfumo has fostered for a push to the Government of Zimbabwe for it to include the Youth in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, this in turn saw him representing the Youth in Zimbabwe in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for the 3rd Conference on Financing for Development.

Mohammed Ghedira - UNA Tunisia

Mohamed Ghedira is a young medical student, born and raised in Tunisia, who has grown to become a young civil society leader. He is actually President of the Tunisian International Model United Nations, and also the youngest member of the prestigious United Nations Association of Tunisia (UNA-Tunisia). As part of both of these associations, he had the honor of meeting the UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon during his meeting with the Tunisian civil society in 2014. He also organized the largest simulation of the United Nations in North Africa that was finalized by the drafting of a report containing the recommendations of youth. It was delivered on October 16th, 2015 to his Excellency, the President of the Tunisian Republic, in order to give an overview about the preoccupations of Tunisian youths.

As a member of UNA-Tunisia, he organizes many conferences on International Health, AIDS and related subjects. Actively engaged in the Tunisian post-revolution civil society, he wrote many articles in both Best Delegate, as Media Chair for North Africa, and the Huffington Post, promoting the UN values and the power of youth, since he strongly believes that today’s youth can and should be heard in order to become today’s leaders.

This year, the Tunisian United Nations Youth Advisory Panel was created, in which Mohamed Ghedira occupies a central spot as a consultant for the United Nations System in Tunisia. In the continuity of his engagement, he strongly believes that WFUNA can hold a major role in the empowerment of youth and the diffusion of their ideas since young consultants have the chance to participate within it. Moreover, being from every part of the world, they represent today’s world in its unique diversity and he hopes his active contribution can be the start of new projects and initiatives.


Hafidzi Razali - UNA Malaysia

Hafidzi Razali, 23, is a final-year law student from the International Islamic University Malaysia. He was formerly Malaysia's Youth Ambassador to the United States of America in 2010 under the prestigious Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Scholarship of the State Department of United States. More recently, Hafidzi had also served the Permanent Mission of Malaysia to the UN in New York City as an intern for brief roles in the Security Council and the High-Level Political Forum in ECOSOC.

Hafidzi has been at forefront of various student-led activities locally and internationally prior to joining United Nations Association of Malaysia (UNAM) in 2012. Hafidzi's activism over the years included matters on human rights, social entrepreneurship, education equality, youth empowerment, as well as youth diplomacy. His various commitments in activism had led him to being recognised by Ashoka Foundation to attend a fully-sponsored intensive social entrepreneurship workshop under the "Changemaker" initiative in Virginia, USA in 2013.

He had also recently launched 20 new UNAM Youth Chapters nationwide in the organisation's aspiration to encourage more inclusivity and participation from the youths to volunteer and initiate changes on the ground. This was in addition to the first National Leadership Symposium by UNAM--one which Hafidzi had led --in exposing 300 students on multi-disciplinary areas of leadership to encourage the promotion ideas with social impact. 15 participants were selected to implement their ideas with seed money from UNAM.

Aside of being the Deputy President of United Nations Association of Malaysia (Youth), Hafidzi was involved in the recent Global Youth Consultation for Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals in Doha as a Malaysian youth representative.

In his capacity as a member of the law faculty, Hafidzi had also led a symbolic blue-ribbon's protest by law students against the arbitrary use of Seditions Act against public dissidents.

Anoushka Ghonkrokta - UNA India

Anoushka Ghonkrokta is a 19 year old currently completing her Bachelor's degree in English Literature at LSR college (University of Delhi). She has been a part of the Indian Federation of United Nations Associations since she was in school. At CJM Delhi, she was actively involved in activities to provide quality Education through NGO “Ujjala” which organizes classes for vulnerable sections of society. She strongly believes in the empowerment of the young through competent education and has been part of a student's project that aimed at discovering and finding solutions to the implementation of the Right to Education, with a paper published on the position of admissions and integration of students of economically weaker sections in New Delhi areas.

She has been associated with various activities of IFUNA on Human Rights, especially on Right to food and Right to Education. She has been involved in organising workshops and programmes involving youth from Schools, Colleges and Universities on issues of food security and role of co-operatives in sustaining livelihoods in India. She was one of the main coordinators in organizing World Food Day 2015 at Delhi in which about 500 students of five universities participated.

She has actively volunteered for NGOs like Friendicoes (working on Animal rights) and Volunteers of Blind. She has been part of several Model UNs and has an ardent interest in International Relations and Policy Affairs, and is well versed with both subjects. Previously, she has worked at publishing (Taylor &Francis) and media houses (Bennett &Coleman) and is adept at coordinating with the media.

Anastasia Setyadi - UNA Singapore

Anastasia was born in Bogor, a small city in the West Java province, Indonesia. In 2010, she moved to Singapore to pursue her education on an ASEAN scholarship opportunity. Anastasia who was very new to the environment in Singapore decided to make more effort to familiarize herself further with the youth life and to also contribute more to the community in Singapore. Therefore, UNA came to her mind. After some research, she decided on joining UNA of Singapore (UNAS) as a student member in November 2010.

She highly enjoyed her experience as a student member in UNAS and she learnt a lot of lessons on managing humanitarian activities from there. In 2011, she was assigned further role as a Membership subcommittee-member. Her roles were to update any new listing of members as well as to issue membership cards. Besides, she also actively promoted the involvement of more students and youth to UNAS by being a Student Ambassador of UNAS. Anastasia believed that year 2012 was a life changing moment for her when she had the sudden surge of ideas to collaborate efforts between UNAS and student hostels in Singapore to provide aid for victims of typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Her idea was welcome by UNAS.

As such, she took up the role of coordinator of the project from scratch: writing up of a proposal, getting the empty boxes to place the donation, making posters and spreading the WOM, as well as gathering more volunteers to assist in packing the items. The activity has become an annual activity until present involving more partners & beneficiaries.

Anastasia believes that being humanitarian is a lifestyle and everyone is capable of it. She also emphasizes that the vibrancy, energy & creativity of youth shall be further tap on!

Fahmida Faiza - UNA Bangladesh

Fahmida Faiza is a promising youth leader from UNA Bangladesh committed to echo the voice of youth of Asia. This is the very first time UNAB nominated someone to the WFUNA Youth Advisory Council and Faiza believes she is ready to commit herself to the fullest. Currently, a final year law student under University of London International Programs, she finds interest in human rights, advocacy, policy analysis, global peace, security & justice.

Faiza is a MUN veteran with vast experience starting from chairing at Oxford, receiving training at UN Headquarters, facilitating as trainer to leading own conferences. She has contributed to establish the first International Model UN program of Nepal & Afghanistan as Advisor. Through her action she has increased & inspired engagement of youth across Asia, therefore was appointed by WFUNA to serve as Ambassador for Asia at WIMUN2015. She’s also working in the UN Youth Newsletter Editorial Panel of Bangladesh directed by the UN Country Team. She writes for the Dhaka Tribune, served for the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Asia region & has first hand experience in fundraising, project implementation & global outreach. She’s strongly convinced that youths in Asia have a lot to contribute and all they need is a platform to share their ideas.

While working with UNA Bangladesh & observing UNAs around, Faiza envisions a stronger bondage of UNAs across the world establishing sustainable a youth framework. She hopes to engage the youth sections of UN Associations from Asia to a greater extent. Her vision is to establish a collaborative and inclusive youth society across Asia through WFUNA, which can foster greater youth interaction & better representation offering various youth opportunities, enabling contribution & exchanging ideas. Therefore to achieve these and spread the vision of WFUNA across billions of youths in Asia, Faiza is aspired to take the responsibility.


Edoardo Morgante - UNYA Italy

Edoardo is an Italian and European citizen, currently living in Rome. He has been a member of UNYA-Italy since 2007 and he became a member of UNA-Italy in 2014. In a total of 8 years, he participated in and promoted many projects such as Model UN, UN workshops, simulation games, study trips, conferences, information desks and open days.

He served as National Coordinator of UNYA-Italy and Secretary of the Rome hub. He was also Project Coordinator and Secretary-General of ROMUN2012. For UNA-Italy, he contributed to the organisation of the Women in Diplomacy School, a Human Rights and International Politics interactive course which saw the participation of 20 bright young women coming from the MENA region.

As for his involvement with WFUNA, in 2012 he participated in the well known WFUNA Human Rights Training in Geneva. In 2014, he had the pleasure to act as a Trainer at the WFUNA Youth Forum in Seoul. Soon after he got involved with the organisation of the first WFUNA International Model United Nations as Project Coordinator for UNA-Italy. Recently he had the pleasure to serve as Scientific Coordinator and Secretary-General of ‘ROMU2015 - the Rome Official Model United Nations’. ROMUN2015 took place in October in Rome, at the FAO Headquarters and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Participants focused on the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals and the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The final outcome has been the adoption of the ROMUN2015 Youth Roadmap, to be delivered to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr Ban Ki-moon.

He strongly believes that youth empowerment and youth involvement should be one of the primary goals of WFUNA and he is eager to commit himself to the cause by bringing his experience, his passion and his enthusiasm to the current and upcoming WFUNA youth projects.

Dalí ten Hove - UNA UK

Since starting Model United Nations over 7 years ago I have been an avid advocate for the United Nations, committed to cosmopolitan values and firm internationalist responses to global issues.

At university I served as vice-president of our UN Society, promoting the work and values of the United Nations and supporting students involved in MUN. I now serve as president of the youth wing of UNA-UK, UNA Youth, seeking to raise awareness about, and stimulate favourable attitudes towards, the world organisation as well as engaging students in campaigns to strengthen it. For the last three years I have also been deeply involved in the London International Model United Nations, the largest university-level conference in Europe, currently serving as its secretary-general.

I am passionate about civil society support for the UN and, as such, am eager to support WFUNA in its youth engagement projects. I have personally benefited from its recent capacity-building initiatives and would be pleased to play a role in extending this benefit to others.

I hold a degree in political economy from King’s College, University of London.

Mignote M. Nielsen - UNYA Denmark

Mignote is the Founder and Chairwoman of UNYA Denmark. A proud Third Culture Kid who grew up in the UN system (her parents worked in the UNWFP) she has lived in 15 different countries, travelled to 30 more and speaks 6 different languages. She holds a BSc in International Development and is working on an MSc in Digital Innovation and Management.

Throughout her life she has always engaged in international issues. In 2011 she moved back to Copenhagen and founded The Copenhagen International Volunteer Club, which now has more than 500 members. Similarly, she worked in Crossing Borders organizing workshops on the MDGs for Danish high school students. In 2012 she joined DanMUN as an organizer and in two short years moved up the ranks to board member. Through her time there she got involved with the UNA and was inspired to create an UNYA in Denmark.

Today, UNYA Denmark boasts an active volunteer base that has, amongst others, re-instituted the Youth Delegate Program, held the first ever UN Case Competition with the UNFPA, and launched #UNYACHAT. It has set itself apart as an empowering platform where youth can co-create projects that engage with UN issues in innovative and meaningful ways.

But Mignote is not just your average UN geek - she is also a technophile. Her master’s focuses on entrepreneurship and IT, she is the COO at the Nordic Startup Awards, a Communications Assistant at the Danish Refugee Council and she has even consulted on a few tech startups. She is fascinated by the cross over between business, innovation and global issues and she often draws from these different worlds in her UNYA projects. She hopes to take this experience to the YAC and develop innovative projects that engage even more youth in WFUNA.

Anne Pauna - UNYA Finland

Anne Pauna, 27, is studying critical care nursing. She is currently the President of UNYA Finland. For the past three years Anne has co-ordinated projects related to health, immigration and the new Sustainable Development Goals. She is passionate about health related issues, activating youth and building a world where no one is left behind.

Anne has been active in UNYA Helsinki since 2012. She designed and implemented a successful project focusing on the challenges of immigration in Finland. In 2014 she served as President of the Board. She received excellent feedback on her skills as an energetic, enthusiastic and creative team player. Anne is vice board member of UNA Finland. She represented Finland in WFUNA’s ”So You Want to Be The Next High Commissioner” training in 2014. During the training she deepened her knowledge on project management and participated in two projects that she implemented in UNYA Helsinki.

Anne has been part of a Post-2015 project at UNYA Finland since 2014. The project included two large national surveys, whose aim was to clarify what themes young people prioritize on the post-2015 development agenda. Three key themes emerged: environment, safe life and equality. While working as a Public Relations Officer and President of UNYA Finland, Anne has been lobbying these themes to Ministries, NGOs, and other UNYAs.

In Anne’s view, the WFUNA Youth Advisory Council is the best way to build together a better world. In the future she hopes to see a world where youth are active and the alarming social exclusion of youth decreases. In order for this to happen, we need a strong, hard-working and innovative Youth Advisory Council. Anne commits to work for the Council and to give her full energy and effective working methods for the next three years.

North America

Elias D. León - UNA Canada

Elias D. León is the Project Officer of the United Nations Association in Canada overseeing the strategic partnerships and negotiations at the subnational jurisdiction level in preparation for COP21 and implementation of the post-2015 Development Agenda. He previously served as Advisor to the Permanent Delegation of Saint Lucia to UNESCO where he contributed to policy making in the Social Science and Culture commissions of the 37th General Conference of UNESCO and the 19th World Heritage Convention. Subsequently, he played a leading role in drafting a proposed legal strategy to protect human rights and natural resources in Cameroon while working with the Human Rights, Economic Development and Globalization Clinic at Sciences Po Law School. Elias recently worked with the NAFTA Division of the Embassy of Mexico in the United States on TPP negotiations, international trade, free trade agreements, and bilateral investment treaties for the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions.

Elias graduated with an Honours Degree in International Studies and Modern Languages from the University of Ottawa (Magna Cum Laude) and a Certificate in Social Sciences and Humanities with a specialization in International Law from Sciences Po Paris. Elias endeavours to make significant contributions to the fields of foreign affairs, multilateral diplomacy, and international law.

RJ Johnson - UNA USA

RJ Johnson has been a member of and has worked with UNA-USA since 2002. He has worked with UNA-USA’s Global Classrooms Program rising over the years from administrative assistant to Deputy Secretary-General, the 2nd highest post in the program. He currently serves on the UNA-USA Council of Chapters & Regions Steering Committee as one of four elected National Region Representatives as a Young Professional. In that capacity, he works with members at-large nationally. He is Co-Chair of the UNA-USA Youth Engagement Committee and member of the Nominating Committee.

RJ has served as a trainer and facilitator for several leadership programs for middle school, high school and college students. He is an active Capital Area Court Appointed Special Advocate representing abused and neglected children in the court system. Some of his activities include volunteer work with organizations such as Circle K International, the collegiate arm of Kiwanis International, where he served on the International Board of Trustees for 2 years as an International Trustee and International Representative, the 1st and only person to ever elected to serve in both positions in the organization's 50+ year history. The position entailed serving as board liaison and counselor to the
Utah-Idaho, Montana, Eastern Canada, Kansas, Nebraska-Iowa, Missouri-Arkansas, Texas-Oklahoma, and Louisiana-Mississippi-West Tennessee Districts and the non-districted clubs in 17 countries on 4 continents worldwide. As an International Board member, he served on the International Committee on Membership Development & Benefits and as Chairman of the International Committee on Service.

RJ is an officer within Young Democrats of America and has held numerous positions within the organization currently serving as South-Central Region Director.

RJ is a true advocate of the youth movement worldwide and his passion is youth advocacy and civic engagement.

Monica Licea - UNA Mexico

Monica Licea joined UNA-Mexico in 2014 as the organization’s lawyer. In the UNAs educationally focused program, she ensures that the organization is fulfilling their legal requirements so it can positively impact the highest number of beneficiaries. Monica is passionate about human and children’s rights, and prior to joining UNA-Mexico she worked for the Mexico City Penitentiary System as a human rights lawyer. In this role she helped defend the rights of persons deprived of liberties who were either incarcerated or who were in due process.

She is very interested in the promotion of human capital and social development and has also worked as an independent consultant for FUNDES SC, a joint collaboration between the Spanish Government and a private Mexican Association to improve the working conditions and training of day laborers in Mexico City. She is determined to continue working towards ensuring the human rights of all citizens and promoting the newly updated UN Sustainable Development Goals.

South America

Erly Muñoz - UNA Venezuela

Erly Muñoz joined UNA-Venezuela in 2010 after she co-founded its Youth Chapter and worked as Communications Officer to help strengthen relations with its international representative, WFUNA. She was appointed Fundraising Activities Coordinator of ANUV Youth and later worked as the Coordinator of the Responsibility to Protect project carried out by ANUV in partnership with WFUNA.

In 2013, she worked first as Project Leader of the United Nations Association of Mexico (AMNU) and later as part of the strategic alliances and partnerships team. In 2014, she worked as National Project Coordinator of WFUNA's Freedom From Violence program in Venezuela.

She has been heavily involved in fostering leadership, participation and activism among youth in Latin America with a focus in peace, security and humanitarian action. Currently, Erly works as Education Consultant for WFUNA by coordinating its Mission Possible program in Venezuela. She holds a degree in Modern Languages with a focus in Translation from the University of the Andes in Venezuela. 

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