WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers

The WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers have the mission of significantly increasing youth participation at the United Nations.

Youth at the UN: National Youth Delegate Programme to the United Nations

 In 1995, member states of the United Nations agreed to increase youth participation at the international level with the adoption of the World Programme of Action for Youth (A/Res/50/81). One of the sections of this document invites member states to send youth representatives with their delegations to the General Assembly, hence including youth in decision making-processes. 

Although this commitment has been reinforced through several consequent General Assembly resolutions, out of 193 member states less that 30 member states have a Youth Delegate Programme in place. Aligned with our ultimate goal of significantly increasing youth participation at the United Nations, we partnered with former and current UN youth delegates to launch the WFUNA Youth Delegates Programme Multipliers.

The main objectives of the WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers are:

  • To increase youth participation in decision-making processes at the UN by multiplying the Youth Delegate Programme around the world.
  • To raise awareness on the Youth Delegate Programme at all levels.
  • To mentor youth who wish to establish a Youth Delegate Programme in their countries.

If you wish you to establish a Youth Delegate Programme in your country, send us an e-mail at

WFUNA Junior Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers

Katharina Buch - Germany

I was one of the two German UN Youth Delegates of 2016/ 2017 and attended the 71st Session of the General Assembly as well as the 55th Session of the CSocD.I have a deep passion for gender and environmental issues as well as the equal representation of young people in politics and society.

Before my mandate as a Youth Delegate I served two years as the chair of the federal board, one year as a board member of the Youth Association for the Protection of Nature (NAJU) - Germany’s biggest environmental youth - focusing on international affairs and communications. Additionally I was the spokesperson of my study course Public Management (which I finished in October 2016) and was a Youth Ambassador for ONE - a Lobby- and Campaigning Organization against extreme poverty - back in 2012.

I worked as a student assistant for the extracurricular studies at the Berlin School for Economics and Law, interned at “KOK” - the German NGO network against trafficking in human beings, an investigative broadcast at “hr” - hessian broadcast and at “Der Paritaetische” - one of the biggest German welfare organizations - in the department of work, society and Europe.

Currently, I’m working as a political consultant on different public sector-projects. I’m an active founding member of “Unsere Zeit” (our time) - an open network of young people who want to strengthen young voices in public and political debates and I am part of the working group on Gender equality at the German UNA.

Eric Klausch - Germany

Raised in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, a rural area in Eastern Germany, Eric spent an exchange-year in Brazil. After high school he served a year in a social volunteer program,  in which he gained experience with socio-cultural affairs in the blu:books Berlin. He is studying the bachelor of Individual studies at Leuphana University Lüneburg, specializing in human resource, psychology, ethics and engineering. Beside his studies, Eric leads the Power On initiative, in which he organizes camps for kids in order to empower them and fight against racism and resignation in his region. His mission as the German Youth Delegate to the United Nations can be described as a commitment against egoism and for a hopeful and active society for the ideas and creativity of young people.

WFUNA Senior Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers

Carina Lange - Germany

I have a passion for international youth work! Growing up in rural North Germany, I discovered my predisposition to community activities very early. As a member of the Young European Federalists (JEF), a youth movement fighting for a unified Europe, I got in touch with the international level of youth policy when starting my studies. Working at the global level now is an honor for me and I love to discover that very special field of politics and its very inspiring personalities. I am convinced that young people in countries without youth delegates deserve a voice at the UN too and I hope to be able to give some push in that direction. Also and most foremost, because I believe that Youth Delegate Programs are a way to foster sustainable youth participation at a national level. They are a mean to unite forces and to make our voices heard.

I just finished my French-German double diploma in “International and European Governance” at the University of Muenster and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Lille. I love (very) hot coffee and enjoy traveling and spending time with my friends – preferably with music, picnic and sun!

Alexander Kauschanski - Germany

My name is Alexander Kauschanski. I was born in the Ukraine, grew up in Aachen and finally came ashore to Leipzig, where I apply myself to study political science. During my time at school, I always gravitated towards foreign countries. I spent a year at an US-American high-school, in London I reported on the Paralympics. After my graduation I joined “kulturweit” to do a voluntary service. Throughout that year, I helped out at the “Goethe-Institut” and taught German at a Peruvian public school.

For a long time I am putting myself out for more youth participation in politics. As a journalist I wrote about the means to become involved in one’s community. During a democracy project I carried on the desires and demands of young people to politicians throughout North-Rhine-Westphalia. Today I am involved in a refugee center. There I organize intercultural reunions for young and old fellow humans.
Politics not only means government or parliament and “those up there”, but it’s a “here” and “now”, it’s on our streets, in our houses, in our hearts. Our world is never going to be finished.  As the young generation we are responsible to not only dream our visions, but to live up to them. I am looking forward to many visionary encounters!


Former WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers

  • Jilt van Schayik - The Netherlands

  • Florian Nowack - Germany

  • Adhil Bakeer Markar - Sri Lanka

  • Tornike Zurabashbili - Georgia

  • Milena Andreeva - Bulgaria

  • Cosmin Chiriță - Romania

  • Ozan Solmus - Germany

  • Celina Greppler - Germany

  • Eliza Chirilă - Romania

  • Viktoriya Luchka - Ukraine

  • Viktoriia Shvydchenko - Ukraine

  • Lasha Shakulashvili - Georgia

  • Chapa Perera - Sri Lanka

  • Peter Madlenov - Bulgaria

  • Elise Zerrath - Germany

  • Luca Ciubotaru - Romania

  • Anina Yovkova - Bulgaria

  • Dimitar Dimitrov - Bulgaria

  • Montserrat Pérez - Mexico

  • Regina Arauz - Mexico

  • Weronika Szwajda - Poland

  • Naushalya Rajaphaksa - Sri Lanka

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