WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers

The WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers have the mission of significantly increasing youth participation at the United Nations.

Youth at the UN: National Youth Delegate Programme to the United Nations

 In 1995, member states of the United Nations agreed to increase youth participation at the international level with the adoption of the World Programme of Action for Youth (A/Res/50/81). One of the sections of this document invites member states to send youth representatives with their delegations to the General Assembly, hence including youth in decision making-processes. 

Although this commitment has been reinforced through several consequent General Assembly resolutions, out of 193 member states less that 30 member states have a Youth Delegate Programme in place. Aligned with our ultimate goal of significantly increasing youth participation at the United Nations, we partnered with former and current UN youth delegates to launch the WFUNA Youth Delegates Programme Multipliers.

The main objectives of the WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers are:

  • To increase youth participation in decision-making processes at the UN by multiplying the Youth Delegate Programme around the world.
  • To raise awareness on the Youth Delegate Programme at all levels.
  • To mentor youth who wish to establish a Youth Delegate Programme in their countries.

If you wish you to establish a Youth Delegate Programme in your country, send us an e-mail at

WFUNA Junior Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers

Carina Lange - Germany

I have a passion for international youth work! Growing up in rural North Germany, I discovered my predisposition to community activities very early. As a member of the Young European Federalists (JEF), a youth movement fighting for a unified Europe, I got in touch with the international level of youth policy when starting my studies. Working at the global level now is an honor for me and I love to discover that very special field of politics and its very inspiring personalities. I am convinced that young people in countries without youth delegates deserve a voice at the UN too and I hope to be able to give some push in that direction. Also and most foremost, because I believe that Youth Delegate Programs are a way to foster sustainable youth participation at a national level. They are a mean to unite forces and to make our voices heard.

I just finished my French-German double diploma in “International and European Governance” at the University of Muenster and the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Lille. I love (very) hot coffee and enjoy traveling and spending time with my friends – preferably with music, picnic and sun!

Alexander Kauschanski - Germany

My name is Alexander Kauschanski. I was born in the Ukraine, grew up in Aachen and finally came ashore to Leipzig, where I apply myself to study political science. During my time at school, I always gravitated towards foreign countries. I spent a year at an US-American high-school, in London I reported on the Paralympics. After my graduation I joined “kulturweit” to do a voluntary service. Throughout that year, I helped out at the “Goethe-Institut” and taught German at a Peruvian public school.

For a long time I am putting myself out for more youth participation in politics. As a journalist I wrote about the means to become involved in one’s community. During a democracy project I carried on the desires and demands of young people to politicians throughout North-Rhine-Westphalia. Today I am involved in a refugee center. There I organize intercultural reunions for young and old fellow humans.
Politics not only means government or parliament and “those up there”, but it’s a “here” and “now”, it’s on our streets, in our houses, in our hearts. Our world is never going to be finished.  As the young generation we are responsible to not only dream our visions, but to live up to them. I am looking forward to many visionary encounters!

Anina Yovkova - Bulgaria

Anina Yovkova, aged 21, is one of the two Youth Delegates from Bulgaria to the 70th session of the Third Committe to the UN General Assembly and the 54th Commission on Social Development. She is a student of International Relations at University of National and World Economy in Sofia. Her interests are in the field of peace and security, humanitarian issues and human rights. Anina has participated in numerous student conferences, simulations and international exchanges. She has been an active member of the International Relations Research Student Association /IRRSA/ for the last 3 years and she has been elected for member of the Managing Board. In 2013 she won first place at Student Conference 'The Balkans in the 21st century' and her essay was later published in International Relations Magazine. In 2014 Anina worked for a project on the Syrian refugee crises in Bulgaria, presenting a report at the European Parliament and the European Commission in Brussels. She also became a United Nations Online Volunteer, joined the international student organization AIESEC and trained other young volunteers in Brazil. In 2015 she did an internship at the Bulgarian Diplomatic Institute and wrote articles about Latin America for UNA News Bulgaria. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently.

Dimitar Dimitrov - Bulgaria

Dimitar Dimitrov is a 23-year-old Youth Delegate of Bulgaria to the 70th session of the UN General Assembly and the 54th Commission on Social Development (2015-2016). Dimitar is currently completing his Master’s Degree in International Relations and History at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His academic expertise encompasses the areas of Political Islam, Russian and Eurasian Foreign Policies, and Foreign Policy Analysis. Currently, Dimitar works as a Research Fellow at the Security Program of the Center for the Study of Democracy in Sofiа – a Bulgarian think-tank. Previously he has worked as a Program Coordinator at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and the Organization for Youth Education and Development in Berlin. His tasks there included elaborating and campaigning for youth policies; organizing various cultural events; and participating in an International Conference on Cultural Diplomacy in Copenhagen. Dimitar has also worked at the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Berlin, the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and the online magazine Banitza – an online platform for young people which promotes youth dialogue, activism, critical thinking and cosmopolitan values. In addition, he has participated in various youth training and conferences, including the Youth Leaders’Academy organized by the National Youth Forum of Bulgaria and the Global Issues’ Academy of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria. Apart from youth activities, publishing and informal education, he is also interested in volleyball and trekking. Dimitar is fluent in German and English.

Montserrat Pérez - Mexico

I’m Montserrat Pérez, one of the four Youth Delegates from Mexico to the UN General Assembly. I’m currently studying Law, and Political Sciences and Public Administration. My first work experience was at the Human Rights Research and Training Institute of Jalisco’s –  a federal entity – Human Rights commission, and ever since, I’ve been interested in civil and political rights.  

I’ve participated in several UN Model events, one of them hosted by Harvard University, and recently in a G20 simulation. I’m also involved in a youth volunteer program to help disadvantaged youth and children focused on the setting-up of public reading spaces available for everyone.

I’m currently working on the consolidation of an NGO that works on the promotion of political rights, the empowerment of citizens, and the strengthening of the mechanisms that citizens have at their disposal for political participation. I truly believe that empowered, involved and compromised citizens are key for achieving a real development within societies, and that true democracy can only be conceived that way. I’ve made of this my personal fight, and I’m sure that with youth cooperation, I will succeed.

As a WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multiplier, I’ve made two commitments: to strengthen and promote the UN Youth Delegate Programme in my country and in the region, and to involve more with the United Nations by raising awareness of its work.

Regina Arauz - Mexico

Regina Arauz aged 22, is one of the four Mexican UN Youth Delegates to the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly. She is currently studying two Majors: International Relations and Law.  As a UN enthusiast, Regina has had the opportunity to participate in several conventions and activities related to the United Nations, such as World Youth Alliance’s Trainee Program on UN matters and the Post-2015 Development Agenda, as well as attending diverse meetings with UN agencies such as UNDP and UN-HABITAT. She represented a Mexican NGO in the United Nations 59th Commission on the Status of Women and has worked in the Governor’s International Affairs Office within her State. As part of her commitment to fellow students and teachers, Regina has served as a member of the student council in the university she attends. In her spare time Regina likes to write and has published three poetry books.

She strongly believes in youth participation and focuses her efforts on empowering youth, youth involvement in decision making processes and spreading the word in Mexico about the UN and its work.

Twitter: @reggsarauz

Weronika Szwajda - Poland

Weronika Szwajda is a 21-year-old Youth Delegate of The Republic of Poland to the 70th session of the UN General Assembly. Weronika majors in Arabic & Middle Eastern Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and studied as an Erasmus exchange student at Université Paris VIII Vincennes Saint-Denis. She was also awarded with Casimir Pulasky Foundation scholarship for participation in AYD program at European Academy of Diplomacy, focusing on International Security. She spent two months in Beijing working in an AIESEC international volunteer project as well as an intern in local NGOs. She is a passionate polyglot, who studied more than 10 languages on different level of advancement. Her interests focus on digital diplomacy, women's empowerment, social entrepreneurship, new technologies and innovation in education and employment. Being a conscious global citizen she conducted many independent photography projects, most recently for a backpacking trip through 13 countries aimed at highlighting socially relevant issues in Iran and Pakistan.

Naushalya Rajaphaksa - Sri Lanka

Naushalya is a 22 year old young lady who firmly believes that the 'sustainability of any change remains only at the heart of human attitudes'. She is currently the Official Youth Delegate of Sri Lanka to the 70th General Assembly of the United Nations. While studying for a Masters in Human Rights at the University of Colombo she has now completed her Final year at Sri Lanka Law College waiting to be an Attorney-At-Law soon. Having successfully completed her Bachelor of Laws with Honors at University of London as an external student, simultaneously, she also obtained a Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management from the Institute of Personal Management in 2013.

She is also a former Social Change Entrepreneur at UNFPA Sri Lanka where she initiated research based advocacy process to conduct the first National survey on sexual harassment of young men and women in public transport as a measure of support for the ministerial stakeholders to eradicate sexual harassment from the public transport of Sri Lanka. 

She is currently pursuing her Diploma in Global Affairs from Bandaranaike International Diplomatic Training Institute and as a Bronze Competent communicator and a leader at Toastmasters, she was also the youngest among the top 20 global leaders to organize the World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka 2014. She carries with her numerous international exposure through the National Youth Service Council of Sri Lanka. 

WFUNA Senior Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers

Jilt van Schayik - The Netherlands

Jilt van Schayik, aged 23, from Langenboom, was the Dutch Youth Delegate to the 69th United Nations General Assembly. Jilt studied Business at Fontys University of Applied Science in the Netherlands. As part of his study he interned in 2012 at the Head Office of Volkswagen India. For his graduation thesis, Jilt conducted research on agrarian cooperatives in Kenya and established - together with the Kenyan Ministry of Agriculture – a cooperative including 500 farmers.

Inspired by the stories, challenges and dreams of young people he met around the world, Jilt’s work as youth representative focuses mainly on putting youth at the center of the post-2015 development agenda. In this respect, he attended the World Conference on Youth, the 3th Africa – EU Youth Leaders Summit and the 52thCommission on Social Development. During the last six months of his two-year term, Jilt will cycle from Amsterdam to Cape Town to picture the post-2015 agenda from a different perspective. A perspective that focuses on the priorities of young people on the grassroots level and their vision of the world in 2030. Jilt believes that there can be no peace, no prosperity and no progress, without the full and equal participation of women and youth all over the world!

Twitter: @JiltvSchayik 



Luca Ciubotaru - Romania

Luca Ciubotaru is 23 years old and was appointed as Romanian Youth Delegate in September 2014. Luca holds a Bachelor degree in Law at the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” from Iași, Romania. Right now, Luca is enrolled at a Master’s Programme in Criminal Sciences, being a student in the final year at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. For his graduation thesis, Luca conducted a research on the topic of freedom of speech, after taking part before in various national and international Moot Court Competitions in the field of human rights.

His interest in civil society emerged after several international experiences such as institutional visits at the most important European institutions (European Parliament, European Commission and European Court of Human Rights), an Erasmus study mobility at the University Paris 13, Sorbonne and the participation at the 25th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council as a representative of the European Law Students’ Association.

During his mandate, Luca took part at the 69th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations and the 53rd session of the Commission for Social Development in October 2014 and February 2015 and is part of the organizing team of the UN Advocacy Meeting that will take place in July 2015 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the European Youth Capital of 2015, together with European Youth Forum.




Former WFUNA Youth Delegate Programme Multipliers

  • Florian Nowack - Germany

  • Adhil Bakeer Markar - Sri Lanka

  • Tornike Zurabashbili - Georgia

  • Milena Andreeva - Bulgaria

  • Cosmin Chiriță - Romania

  • Ozan Solmus - Germany

  • Celina Greppler - Germany

  • Eliza Chirilă - Romania

  • Viktoriya Luchka - Ukraine

  • Viktoriia Shvydchenko - Ukraine

  • Lasha Shakulashvili - Georgia

  • Chapa Perera - Sri Lanka

  • Peter Madlenov - Bulgaria

  • Elise Zerrath - Germany

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