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WFUNA is governed by Secretary-General Bonian Golmohammadi and supported by staff and interns in New York and Geneva, and senior advisers all over the world.


Photo of Bonian Golmohammadi, SG of WFUNA (2013)

Bonian Golmohammadi


Bonian Golmohammadi was elected Secretary-General of the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) in August 2009. Since then, WFUNA has substantially grown in its programmatic activities, organizational structure - including the establishment of new offices in Seoul, Korea, Brussels, Belgium and New Delhi, India - and partnerships.

Previously, Mr. Golmohammadi served as Secretary-General of the United Nations Association (UNA) of Sweden for eight years. Under his leadership, UNA-Sweden increased its budget from $1 million to $5 million, and expanded its staff from 10 to 30 full-time employees. During his tenure, Mr. Golmohammadi introduced several new programmatic initiatives, such as a bilateral international project in more than ten countries including China, Georgia, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The projects ranged on issues from the Millennium Development Goals, conflict prevention, human rights and organizational capacity building.

In addition to programmatic initiatives, Mr. Golmohammadi guided UNA-Sweden to increase its marketing and public relations capacity. As a result, UNA-Sweden was awarded a Gold Medal at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2009 for True Evidence of War, a media campaign to support war victims of Georgia. UNA Sweden won a gold medal at the EuroBest Advertising Awards in 2009 as well as several PR, advertising and marketing awards in Sweden. UNA Sweden now has over 110 local chapters all over Sweden and more than 100 national organizations as members.

Since 2015, he serves as Co-Chair on the Steering Committee of the Transparency, Accountability and Participation Network (TAP Network), a broad network of CSOs that works to ensure that open, inclusive, accountable and effective governance is at the heart of the UN's Post-2015 Development Agenda. Since 2005, Mr. Golmohammadi has served as President of the UNA Europe Network, coordinating United Nations Associations from all over Europe. He has served or is serving on various advisory boards for Swedish Ministers for Development, international development corporations, UN entities, and civil society organizations. Prior to joining UNA-Sweden, Mr. Golmohammadi worked with consultancy and private businesses in Sweden and the Czech Republic, including developing a national globalization project for high schools, working with publishing as well as project management.

Mr. Golmohammadi earned a degree in Political Science, and has studied International Law, Human Rights and Philosophy, from Stockholm and Uppsala Universities.

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Allen Abi-Yaghi, Finance and Administration Officer

Allen Abi-Yaghi

Senior Finance and Administration Officer

Allen Abi-Yaghi is the Senior Finance and Administration Officer at the World Federation of UN Associations. He joined the WFUNA team in January 2007, and has since greatly enjoyed the opportunity to combine his professional experience in Finance, his academic background in International Relations, and his passion for interacting with persons in a multi-cultural setting.   Allen holds a Certificate in Inter-Cultural Relations, a Bachelor of Science in International Business, and a Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations with concentrations in Conflict Resolution and the Middle East. He has contributed to developing Inter-Cultural Relations curriculum for his alma mater, and has years of experience servicing domestic and international Hedge Funds for a New York based Investment Bank with a particular focus on emerging markets. 

Pablo Angulo-Troconis

Youth Program Officer

Pablo is the Youth Program Officer at WFUNA. He is in charge of coordinating WFUNA's overall youth strategy, particularly working to increase youth participation in decision-making spaces at the United Nations. He works with other relevant WFUNA officers to ensure that WFUNA programs include a youth component. Prior to this, Pablo worked as Assistant Coordinator on a Peace and Security project at UNA-Venezuela. He was co-founder of UNA-Venezuela’s Youth Section and a youth activist in Venezuela in favour of inclusion of Venezuelan youth in political processes. Pablo studied Strategic Governance and Political Management at Andres Bello Catholic University and George Washington University, as well as, Modern Languages, International Organizations and Translation at the University of Los Andes. He is currently pursuing a Master's in Public Administration from Columbia University.

Vince Fuentes, Student Training Associate

Vincent Fuentes

Student Training Officer

Vincent Fuentes is the Student Training Officer at the World Federation of UN Associations in the New York office and will be assisting with the Advanced Training programs this summer. He first interned with WFUNA as their Development Coordinator in 2010 and returns to the WFUNA team after a stint in health care marketing while volunteering for a variety of local and global non-profits in his hometown of Chicago. Vince holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Boston University, and a MA in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Whitehead School at Seton Hall University.

Aziel-Philippos Goulandris

Education Officer

Aziel Philippos Goulandris is the Education Officer based in WFUNA's Geneva office. He holds M.A.'s of International Dispute Resolution from King’s College London and International Relations from University of Bordeaux as well as a B.A. of Law. His previous work experience includes serving as a legal officer for the Coast Guard and Navy and as a Human Rights and Humanitarian expert for the Greek Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva. He is fluent in Greek, French and English and has a basic knowledge of Italian.

Rufina Hyunjin Kim

Education Officer

Rufina Hyunjin Kim is the Education Officer at WFUNA's Seoul office. She joined the team in September 2014 and is currently responsible for the implementation of education programs in the Republic of Korea. Rufina previously worked in the POSCO business planning team for over 3 years, being in charge of planning business strategies and establishing budget plans. She was nominated as an honorary ambassador and has been a major member in vitalizing healthy corporate culture through diverse workshops, campaigns, and restructuring. Along with corporate background, she has been involved in international issues over the past 7 years participating in national and international debate championships, Model United Nations, and volunteering in diverse non-profit organizations. Rufina holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Hanyang University.

Frances Lee

Model UN Program Associate

Frances is the Model UN Associate at WFUNA. She is responsible for coordinating WFUNA’s flagship Model UN conference, WFUNA International Model UN (WIMUN). Frances has actively participated in Model UN activities for more than 10 years as a delegate, Secretariat member and trainer at various conferences throughout Asia, Europe and North America. She became involved with WFUNA’s projects as an instructor at WFUNA Youth Camp: Korea in 2014 and 2015 in addition to being a member of the Secretariat for WIMUN 2014. Frances holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Technology Management and a Certificate in Marketing Management from National Taiwan University.

Peter Youngjin Lee

Training and Education Associate

Peter Youngjin Lee is the Training and Education Associate at WFUNA’s Seoul Office. He joined the team in March 2016 and is currently responsible for coordinating education programs in the Republic of Korea. Peter has actively participated in Model UN activities for more than 10 years as delegate and Secretariat member at various conferences throughout Asia and Europe. He became involved with WFUNA’s work as a trainer at WFUNA Youth Camp: Korea 2016. His previous work experience includes serving as an Interpretation Officer and a Protocol Officer for the Republic of Korea Navy. Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Hanyang University.

Joseph Jisong Lim

Partnership Officer

Joseph Jisong Lim is the Partnership Officer at WFUNA's office in Seoul. His role is to manage and develop partner relations as well as to devise and implement innovative projects for WFUNA. His past experience includes scaling up a nation level education integration and rural development project in the Amazon with KOICA and the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education, receiving the Award for Educational Innovation. He also worked in management consulting and executive coaching/training for many Fortune 500 firms. In his practice as a consultant, he developed a problem solving model that is currently being used by Samsung Electronics to improve their products while building creative capacity. He holds a Master of Public Administration in Development Practice from Columbia University.  

John Romano

Coordinator, Transparency, Accountability and Participation (TAP) Network

John is the Coordinator of the Transparency, Accountability and Participation (TAP) Post-2015 Civil Society Network, based in the WFUNA New York office. Prior to joining WFUNA, John worked at Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), coordinating global advocacy programs around the UN’s Post-2015 sustainable development agenda. He has also worked for the UN Secretariat with UNDESA’s Division for Sustainable Development, where he helped facilitate the engagement of civil society in the Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and coordinated the UN’s social media coverage for the conference. John has a M.S. in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Geography from Ohio Wesleyan University.

Maegan White

Digital Media and Communications Officer

Maegan is the Digital Media and Communications Officer at the World Federation of UN Associations in the New York office. She is responsible for innovating and managing WFUNA's digital platforms including social media channels, the website and e-mail newsletters. Her previous experience includes digital asset management at a digital publisher in New York, translating and editing in the Communications department of the Douglas Mental Health Institute in Montreal, and writing for HelpAge Canada. Maegan holds a B.A. in English Literature from McGill University, as well as a M.Sc. in Publishing and Digital Media from New York University.

Megan Wilhelm

Global Citizenship Education Officer

Megan Wilhelm is the Global Citizenship Education Officer at WFUNA in New York. She is responsible for managing Mission Possible, WFUNA’s global citizenship education program. Megan is passionate about education and has worked in the sector for much of her career. She taught first grade in New Haven, CT for two years as a Teach For America corps member and conducted research in Cyprus with a U.S. Fulbright research grant to study intergroup dynamics among students. Megan holds a master’s degree in International Education Policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she served as an external consultant to UNICEF as well as the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta. She also holds a master’s degree in Sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Classics from Kenyon College.

Bill Yotive

Model UN Coordinator

Mr. William Yotive is currently the Model UN Coordinator for WFUNA.  Prior to working at WFUNA, Mr. Yotive was Project Manager of the United Nations Global Teaching and Learning Project within the Outreach Division of the UN Department of Public Information for more than 14 years. He was responsible for creating educational materials for schools around the world on the United Nations and global issues on its agenda. In addition, he organized various global videoconferences for students and teachers each year at UN Headquarters on human rights, the legacy of the transatlantic slave trade and the observance of the International Day of Peace. Prior to working at the UN, Mr. Yotive was a Director of Research at Sesame Workshop which produces educational television programmes for children, such as Sesame Street. He has designed and conducted many studies to evaluate the impact that these programmes have on the cognitive, social and emotional development of children. Mr. Yotive is an Advisory Council Member of the Committee on Teaching about the UN and also serves on the International Institute on Peace Education Transnational Advisory Group.


Soujanya Ganig

National Program Coordinator, Mission Possible: India


Soujanya Ganig is the National Program Coordinator for WFUNA’s Mission Possible program in India. She is responsible for the implementation and expansion of Mission Possible, WFUNA’s global citizenship education program, in India. Soujanya has previously worked with a wide range of stakeholders in the education sector and developed a holistic understanding of the landscape. She has taught at a public school in Delhi as a Teach for India Fellow, and has worked with think tanks and policy research organizations. She also has worked with a Member of Parliament in India where she researched issues and legislation related to school and higher education, skills development, youth affairs and women and child development. She holds a master’s degree in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media, English and Psychology from Christ University in Bangalore, India. 

Nonna Hovhannisyan

National Program Coordinator, Mission Possible: Armenia


Nonna Hovhannisyan is the National Program Coordinator for WFUNA’s Mission Possible program in Armenia and is based in the office of the Armenian UN Association (AUNA) in Yerevan. Nonna has supported efforts to strengthen and support civil society initiatives in Armenia for nearly five years. As a trainer and a liaison to youth activists, she has well-established relationships with key civil society leaders across the political spectrum and across the country. From 2012-2015, she worked for the National Democratic Institute/ Armenia (NDI), supporting the Institute’s youth and women’s political participation programs. In this role, she has served as a mentor for members of the NDI-facilitated Youth Coordination Board, coaching them through their various projects and initiatives. From 2009-2012, Nonna worked for The Republican Headquarters of Student Brigades—Voluntary Service of Armenia as a Project Coordinator. In this position, she designed and coordinated local and international voluntary projects, including work camps, trainings, seminars, and conferences. She was responsible for drafting proposals for grant applications on youth projects for organizations like the European Commission, the Council of Europe, and various foundations. Nonna holds a master's degree in Diplomacy from Yerevan State Linguistic University after V. Brusov.

Valerie Starobrzenski

WIMUN Program Assistant


Valerie Starobrzenski is a WIMUN Program Assistant at WFUNA. She is working on organizing WFUNA's Model UN related activities around the world. She started her Model UN journey 4 years ago as a delegate, then became a trainer, and later an organizer. Originally from Belarus, Valerie studied International Economics at Belarusian State University. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in International Studies with a concentration in International Relations from the City College of New York. Before joining WFUNA in September 2016, Valerie was an intern at the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership working on its Human Rights Forum initiative.

Sophie Varenne

16+ Forum Project Assistant

Sophie Varenne is WFUNA’s 16+ Forum Project Assistant at WFUNA’s office in New York. She is currently responsible for assisting with the implementation of work in relation to the 16+ Forum initiative. She joined WFUNA in September 2016 as Peace and Disarmament intern, where she was helping with the coordination, the planning and the implementation of Peace, Security, Disarmament and Conflict Prevention activities and programs. Her previous work experiences include interning in a human rights NGO in Rabat and an international law firm in Paris. Sophie holds a Master in International law from Panthéon-Assas University in Paris and a Master in American law from Boston University.

Senior Advisers

Joe Haddad, Senior Adviser to WFUNA

Joe Haddad

Senior Adviser

Joe Haddad is the Volunteer Coordinator and Special Adviser to WFUNA.  Mr. Haddad manages WFUNA’s Kiosk and volunteers. He instructs WFUNA’s volunteers in their duties, advises on merchandise-related purchases at the Kiosk and helps to connect WFUNA's volunteers to the United Nations.

Mr. Haddad is a specialist in venture capital, private equities, international financial developments and policy analysis. He is fluent in five languages and offers a free Arabic language course to WFUNA staff, interns, and volunteers. Mr. Haddad is the president of several private enterprises in the United States. In Germany, in addition to having led his own company, he was the vice president of The German-Lebanese cultural club, where he helped advance bilateral relations. He also helped in organizing major cultural events such as the three-day “Vielvoelkerstadt Hamburg,” and moderated several inter-confessional and intercultural meetings.


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