Responsibility to Protect

The goal of R2P is to mobilize public and political will to prevent and, if necessary, act in the face of mass human rights violations.
UN Photo/Basile Zoma
UN Photo/Basile Zoma

WFUNA and the Responsibility to Protect

After the Holocaust, the world vowed it would “never again” allow such extreme mass atrocity to take place. The commitment has, however, largely remained empty, with the 20th Century scarred by the killing fields of Cambodia, the machetes of Rwanda, the ethnic cleansing of Bosnia, the crimes against humanity in Kosovo, East Timor and now the ongoing nightmare in Darfur. The massive failure and lack of government action to protect the victims and prevent such mass atrocities has meant “never again” has gone unchecked again and again.

As an outcome of this failure, and as a step forward to adequately respond to genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity, the international community pledged a new commitment and norm known as the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P).

Motivated by the desire to ensure we live up to our promise of “never again,” WFUNA launched a 3-year program to support the R2P norm — engaging and encouraging civil society to mobilize and push for the political will in their country and internationally — to prevent and act in the face of mass atrocities. WFUNA program empowers civil society with tools for holding governments accountable in the face of mass atrocity; increases knowledge and awareness of R2P, expands media coverage and the political debate surrounding R2P issues and provides effective methods for information dissemination and advocacy.  


R2P Program Officer speaks at a conference in Lebanon, organized by ICRtoP, on the challenges to the implementation of R2P and measures to prevent and halt atrocities. 

WFUNA was in India last week to hold a conference to discuss the future of R2P and India's role. Check out the summary and news articles

WFUNA's R2P Program Officer addresses over 100 Project Managers at PMI's New York monthly chapter meeting - introducing many of them to the unfamilar issue of mass atrocities and WFUNA's R2P Program

Check out WFUNA and information on its R2P Program in ICRtoP's latest publication. 

WFUNA was at the UN GA Informal Dialogue on R2P. If you missed it you can watch the video recording and read the speeches here

UNA-Finland organised an open seminar on the ongoing Syrian conflict with the Minister of Foreign Affairs as key note speaker. For more information you can read their report

UNA-UK launched a R2P Policy Program which will aim to consolidate a national R2P policy-support network and build grassroots support for the norm. 

WFUNA's R2P Program Officer trains Korean students through interaction simulations as a part of WFUNA's Advanced Training Program. Read more here

UNA-Armenia makes an advocacy video to explain R2P and why all actors should be involved in support and promoting it.  

WFUNA collaborated with GAPW to host a four day event on R2P in NYC. Focus was on complementary agenda and tools in third pillar R2P situations. UNA-Armenia and UNA-Venezuela reps spoke on regional perspectives. Read more here.

UNA-Armenia organised a 40 minute panel with experts discussing R2P and the Middle East which aired this weekend. Check out our R2P National Coordinator in action.

WFUNA has signed a joint letter with a number of NGOs calling for consultation and an early release the UN SG report ahead of the General Assembly Informal Dialogue on R2P. 

WFUNA is in the Venezuelan news for holding an event which reflected on R2P. 

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WFUNA is grateful for the support and contributions made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden to launch our R2P project. We would also like to thank our partners the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, Global Action to Prevent War and Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect for working with us on promoting R2P.

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